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Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

By Kaukab Roshni

                                                                A need for answers, 

as questions regarding existence pile up,

within the extensions of a matter,

that we call mind,


Looking for clues from the past,

to feel the delicious origin of our presence,

we ponder on numerous oceans of curiosities.

A dormant thought that came from deep within you,

brought back to the scene of mystery,

made life bit more interesting,

  Hence You saw there is still lot to learn,

through the vastness of single breath.

What really shines is the surrender we have,

to our own patience, innocence and humility,

are in light of who we are,

and being way beyond,

our own imagination,

My logic prevents me from seeing the beauty of the light in my heart,

and my heart tells me to dive deep into a new world,

where I am famous for my innocence and reality,

There is a road from my dreams,

and it showed me the way through the the sea of the unknown,


A road leading to an empty 


where all that exists is you,

The “you”, knows nothing,

but really at the same time,

knows everything,

Worlds after worlds within,

each fellow being,

connected by single thread of desire,

to be part of the greatness we all share,

This sounds beautiful and sweet,

yet it is a journey in to our own truth,

Are we ready to embrace this honorable link that binds us as one?

Are we willing to give up our individuality, that we have adored for years and years?

The victory of overcoming our own obstacles,

to reach the zone of a humble sand grain,

appreciating the waves of water,

as part of its own family,


A gift shared between all dimensions,

bringing the art of existence within a flow,

The key to the door you choose,

is just simple surrender to love,

that you already are,

and have always been,

Just believe in yourself,


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